“Art Aesthetics and Function: Collaborative Approaches to Everyday Objects” is a full day workshop taking place on April 20th 2015 at the Sackler Rooms in the British Museum, London.

This workshop will be centered around a series of seminars with the aim to explore the interplay of aesthetics and function behind the making of everyday objects. This event is an opportunity for postgraduate students and researchers to present their interests and findings on the subject of “everyday objects”, and to receive feedback and lead the discussion on their chosen material. We hope to have a diverse range of speakers at this event and to create a truly collaborative environment with researchers from various disciplines, studying different time periods and cultures, and with individual sets of expertise. This series of seminars will highlight objects which are often overshadowed by the grand and monumental, and shape new perspectives on what it means for an object to be “everyday”.

For further information, please check other posts on this site. A “Call for Papers” will be posted in the coming months, as well as details on how to register your interest in attending this workshop.

This workshop would not be possible without the support of the British Museum and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

All images of objects from the British Museum’s collections are copyright: © Trustees of the British Museum.


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